Scene 1

(Rama and Lakshmana in a room.)

RAMA: Lakshmana, my dearest brother, you are my joy, you are my pride. The world admires me, adores me, but I know why I have become great, how I have become great and who has made me great. It is all because of you, my Lakshmana.

LAKSHMANA: O Rama, you are my eldest brother, but I have always considered you to be my father. To be with you, to be of service to you, is to live with the highest Goal.

(Lakshmana sings.)

Amar bhuban tomar charan lagi
amar jiban tomar swapan lagi
ogo asimer nirabata
ogo dyuloker amarata
eso eso eso e hiya rayechhe jagi

(My world is for Your Feet.
My life is for Your Dream.
O silence of Infinity,
O immortality of Heaven,
Come, come, come.
This heart remains awake.)

(Enter Yamaraj in the guise of a holy man.)

YAMARAJ: Rama, I would like to have a private interview with you. I have to discuss something most important with you, something most urgent, and during our conversation I do not want anyone else to be present, only you and me.

RAMA: That can easily be done. I shall certainly do it, venerable Sir.

(Lakshmana is about to leave.)

YAMARAJ: Please wait. (Lakshmana waits.) O Rama, give me your promise that whoever enters, whoever comes here during our conversation, will be put to death.

RAMA: Yes, I devotedly agree to your proposal. Lakshmana, my dearest brother, do not allow anybody to enter into this room. Keep a rigid watch, and no matter who it is, do not allow anyone to intrude on our private talk.

LAKSHMANA (with folded hands): Rama, I am at your supreme command.

(Exit Lakshmana.)

YAMARAJ: Rama, I am Yamaraj, the King of Death. I have been sent to you by Brahma, the Eternal Creator. He has asked me to tell you that your play on earth is done. You have fought very hard to establish the kingdom of dharma on earth, and you have succeeded. Now your time is up. You are needed in Heaven.

RAMA: I am happy to hear that my time has at last come. My Sita is no longer with me. Just to please the world I tortured her heart. I cared more for the world than for my dearest wife. Now she has left her body, cast off her mortal sheath, just to please me. I was such a rascal, such a wretched fellow. Now I shall meet her in the other world. I am so happy to go with you.

(Enter hurriedly Lakshmana.)

LAKSHMANA: Rama, Rama, my brother, the Sage Durvasha has come and he wants to see you immediately. I told him you were occupied and not available. He got furious and told me that in the twinkling of an eye he would destroy your whole family and your whole kingdom. I don’t want him to destroy our family or our beloved Kingdom of Ayodhya. I know that nobody is allowed to come in here during your conversation, but I felt that I must sacrifice my life. It is better to die at the hands of my dearest brother Rama than to die at the hands of Durvasha.

YAMARAJ: Rama, we have not finished our conversation, and your brother has entered. That means he must die.

RAMA: It is true. It is true. Lakshmana, go and bring Durvasha here. In the meantime we will finish our conversation.

(Exit Lakshmana.)

YAMARAJ: So, are you ready? Soon you will be called away. Are you ready?

RAMA: Yes, I am fully prepared.

YAMARAJ: And what about your brother? He has violated your injunction.

RAMA: Yes.

YAMARAJ: And he will be put to death?

RAMA: He will.

YAMARAJ: I know you will keep your promise. May God bless you!

(Exit Yamaraj. Enter Lakshmana and Durvasha.)

RAMA (folding his hands): O Sage, O Sage of the highest magnitude, forgive me, forgive me. I was having a most important private conversation with a guest, and that is why I could not see you immediately. Please forgive me. Now, please tell me how I can serve you. I am at your service.

DURVASHA: Rama, I am extremely hungry. I have not eaten for a long, long time. But today I want to eat your food. I don’t want to eat anything else — only the food that is prepared for you.

RAMA: I am so proud that a great sage like you, Durvasha, wants to eat my food. Lakshmana, go and bring my food.

(Lakshmana goes and comes back with food. Durvasha eats with great satisfaction. When he is finished, he turns to Rama.)

DURVASHA: Rama, I bless you with all my heart and soul. You have satisfied my outer hunger, and I shall fulfil your inner hunger. Very soon you will be with your beloved Sita in the other world.

Sri Chinmoy, My Rama is my All, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973