My early morning adventure1

Yesterday, early in the morning at 4:35, I left my house to go walking. When I came to my 500-metre mark on 150th Street, I saw a car coming towards me. I was on the sidewalk and the car was on the same side of the street. Someone in the car called out, "Stop, stop!"

I stopped and I saw that two young men were in the car. The driver was drunk. He said to me, "Shrai, Shrai."

The other one was Puerto Rican. He said to me, "Sri Chinmoy, you are a man of wisdom. Please give me some wisdom."

The driver screamed, "No, man, he is a man of light, light, light. Give me light, light." He was screaming very loudly. This drunk one was quite aggressive.

I said to myself, "Oh, what an experience to have at this hour!" Just then a bus came up behind them and chased the car away. So I continued walking. Then, when I came to my 700-metre mark, the same car came back in the other direction, on the other side of the street from me. This time the Puerto Rican was driving. He said, "Sri Chinmoy, is it true that you have lifted such heavy weights?"

I said, "Yes."

He went on, "I see your picture all around." Then he added, "I trust you."

Just at that moment we reached the Grand Central Service Road. I made a left turn and the car made a right turn. I did not see them again.

  1. RB 1033. 9 July 1988