A close call16

I was running across an intersection in San Juan. One car was coming from one direction and another was coming from the other. One of them had a red light and one of them had a green light. At the intersection, the driver of the second car got inspired. All of a sudden, instead of waiting at the red light for the other car, which had a green light, he took a short cut through the intersection. I screamed.

A gentleman with a briefcase was crossing the street at the time. He started chasing the car and screaming, using all American vulgar terms. He even crossed the street and followed the car for 50 metres. Then he began cursing himself, saying that instead of running after the car he should have taken down its license number.

He came up to me and said, “I can see you are a nice guy.” He said he also runs and a few days ago he had had a similar experience. How badly they drive in San Juan!

RB 16. 11 July 1979