The accident34

Around 3:20 this morning I was running on Main Street, coming back from Flushing Meadow Park. Suddenly I saw a blue car and a beige car have an accident. It was only fifty or sixty metres away from me. In the blue car were a black man and a white man, and in the beige car was a white man. Both the cars were badly damaged, but strangely enough, nobody was injured.

The two men in the blue car came out and started finding fault with the white man. Only one word which they used was civilised: ‘stupid’. The rest were beyond my vocabulary. Such a foul tongue they had.

The white man said that his daughter was in the hospital, so he did not know what he was doing. The others said, “Before your daughter dies, do you want us to die?” and all kinds of rubbish things.

For ten minutes it went on. I was sympathising with the man from the beige car, because of his daughter, and I was also sympathising with the other two because their car was badly damaged. Fortunately, I was quite safe because I was sixty metres away.

I was thinking how they could not get along with one or two in a car, and now you have to have three persons in the car during the transit strike. Let us see what happens.

RB 162. 1 April 1980