I wish to meditate like you49

While I was running during my visit to Seattle somebody in a car shouted, “Sir, Sir.” I thought he was going to ask me directions, so I said, “I don’t know the way.” Inwardly I said to myself, “I know the inner way, but the inner way will not solve your problem.”

Then the man stopped the car and said again, “Sir.” He looked like a nice man, so I went up to the car.

He said, “You looked so beautiful and you meditated so beautifully at the concert you gave here. How I wish I could meditate like you.” He was appreciating me for my meditation.

I asked him, “Would you like to have a book on meditation? Please give me your address.”

While he was writing down his name and address, he said, “Believe me, I am one of your true lovers.” Then, as he was giving me the piece of paper, he grabbed my right hand through the window and kissed it. He wouldn’t let go.

I gave the Seattle disciples the address to send the man a copy of my meditation book. They said they know the man well. He belongs to the Theosophical Society and he sent me his greetings and love through one of the Seattle disciples when he came to New York.

RB 177. 12 May 1980