Flushing Meadow blessing26

Ten minutes later I was running near the start of the Road Runners’ 100-mile race. I was running slowly. Near the bridge there were five or six young boys and one girl, all black. When I came by, they started using all their American slang and pointing at me, but I didn’t pay any attention.

But O God, one girl didn’t stop at just cutting jokes. In two minutes’ time she started running side by side with me. All American rubbish language she was saying, but I was deaf and dumb, absolutely not answering. She ran with me for about 150 metres. She was holding a baton or small stick. Finally, she threw it at me, but fortunately it did not strike me. Then she ran back to her friends.

That is why I ask my disciples, especially the women, to be very, very careful while running. I am an older man and yesterday I was wearing a running outfit and looking smart, too. But still they were joking and disturbing me. So please be very, very careful when you run.

RB 26. 21 July 1979