Peter's sauna3

At four o’clock in the morning I wanted to run for three miles, but the course I picked took fifty-two minutes. Then in the afternoon I asked Peter to take me along the same course. He measured it and found it was five miles and twelve hundred metres-practically six miles. How did I go so far? It is difficult to judge the distance if you don’t know the route and you have to go just by time.

In the car I was wearing a running suit, a thick sweater and then a rubber suit on top of that. I even had on my hat and gloves. Peter turned on the heat as high as possible, and after checking the course, we continued driving in the car. All this to lose weight in Peter’s “sauna”! After twenty minutes it was too much. We opened up the window. We drove another two miles and then I walked for two miles.

RB 344. 3 August 1981