A good follower14

The day before yesterday was a wonderful day. Around six o’clock in the morning I was running in front of my house, doing my speed work — fifty metres slow and fifty metres fast. Then I saw the fat lady who is very fond of me, with her two dogs. Two or three years ago she had a fight with another lady while walking her dog, and I took the fat lady’s side. So she always shows me her gratitude.

After each hundred metres, I was taking rest for a few seconds. At one particular moment I took rest and walked. The white dog was following me — not chasing me — and barking.

The lady said to me, “So you see, you see!”

I said, “Good morning, good morning!”

The lady said, “Like your other followers, my dog also is following you. He will be a very good follower.”

So I thanked her.

RB 355. 17 September 1981