Twenty-four-hour friends

At least ten times Jim Roser spoke to me during our twenty-four-hour race. I have never seen a runner who encouraged me so much. He was so nice. He was always cheerful and always had something nice to say. Once he said that he wanted to pronounce my name correctly because so many people were pronouncing it incorrectly.

At one point Nathan Whiting — the one with the long hair — said to me, “You do so many things.”

I said, “I can’t run.”

He said, “So what? So many other things you are doing.”

When I stopped to take rest, he said, “Everybody needs rest.” He is very kind-hearted.

Dave Peabody, the tall man, is also very nice. He shook my hand.

Norman Allen ran with Beverly Nolan the whole way. He was calling himself “Beverly’s friend.” He wouldn’t say his real name to the counters. He is a real joker. He was asking the counters to count Beverly’s mileage and his mileage together so they would come in first. Thomas is also a joker. At one point, he was also calling him “Beverly’s friend,” instead of using his real name.