Two divine beings18

The day before yesterday I ran seven and a half miles. After five and a half miles I came to the intersection where the Kew Motor Inn is.

It was about a quarter to eight in the morning. I was not in the middle of the street, but all of a sudden someone started honking. I looked around and saw a policeman on a motor bike. He was Puerto Rican. Since nobody else was around, I thought that perhaps I had done something wrong.

The policeman raised both hands and started screaming with joy, “Sri, Sri, Sri!”

I said to myself, “So, I have not committed any crime.”

When I reached Main Street, I was about to make a left turn. Then I saw that a car had made a right turn and was waiting across the street. The driver — a fat, black man — was signalling me to come across. When I came near him, he said, “You are a very nice guy. I love you.”

So, within eight hundred metres, I met two nice human beings, two really divine beings.

RB 408. 24 October 1981