Running the New York Marathon22

During the New York Marathon at least five people recognised me, although I was not wearing a Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team uniform. Some of them called out, “Keep going, keep going! Don’t give up, Sri!” Some people were saying, “Go, Sri Chinmoy!” because Sushobhan, who was running with me, had on a Centre jacket.

Some of the 24-hour-race participants saw me and thanked me for the race. They are very nice people.

It is so funny! You pass people at fifteen or sixteen miles, smiling and smiling. Then, without any warning, cramps come later — at about twenty miles. Then you have to stop and walk.

One policeman said to me, “You can’t walk, you have to run.” He was encouraging me to run, but I was dying.

RB 412. 25 October 1981