The neighbourhood run24

I was out running at three-thirty this morning near the old Bohack Supermarket. Now it is a Sunset Electric store. There is a bar across the street. Outside the bar I saw eight or ten undivine people. I said, “O God, let me go another way.” So I had to retrace my steps and take another street in order to avoid them.

Then I was near Divine Robe Supreme. I wanted to go to the playground, so I took a side street, again only to meet four or five undivine people — near Chidananda’s house. They were very bad people. So I went back and started running on another road. After I got to the track there was no problem. Then I ran alone on the beautiful track.

While coming back near Annam Brahma, I saw somebody trying to start his motorbike. The noise was unbearable. His girlfriend didn’t want to go with him on the motorbike. With one hand he was holding the bike and with the other hand he was holding her.

RB 516. 8 May 1982