The secret run26

This morning before the ten-mile race, I ran to the three-and-a-half-mile mark in Flushing Meadow Park, and then I ran home.

Yasu saw me, then Kalatit and then Edythe. She was in a car, driving to Flushing Meadow to set up. But once I got home I pretended that I had not yet run so I could surprise everyone later.

During the race I was afraid Yasu would say, “I saw you running this morning,” but fortunately he didn’t say anything, so I kept my secret.

I was running so slowly during the ten-mile race that I didn’t feel tired at all, even after nine miles. Then I waved to Lucy and Chetana, saying that I was going to go faster for the last mile.

So this morning altogether I ran seventeen miles.

RB 518. 9 May 1982