The car crash1

Today I had absolutely my best experience running! One of the disciples was following me in his car while I was running in Flushing Meadow Park. I had covered three miles and I was starting my fourth mile, when all of a sudden I heard a big crash, as if two cars had collided.

I turned around to see that the car that was following only 40 metres behind me had crashed into a lamppost. It was a really frightening experience. Then the disciple came out of the car only to tell me that he had been drinking Coke and eating peanuts to stay awake, but in spite of that he fell asleep.

Can you guess the name of the driver? Databir!

Now I ask anyone who follows me while I am running to drive 100 metres either ahead of me or behind me.

  1. RB 566. 21 June 1982