Three car experiences58

The day before yesterday, in the morning, I had covered about two miles when a car with a little girl and her father approached me. The man said, “Look, look, Sri Chinmoy is running!” When the child looked outside the window, she was so delighted and excited to see me running.

Fifteen minutes later I was running near Bohack. Very slowly a car came toward me and finally stopped. A black lady and a black man were inside the car. The black lady was driving. She said to me, “Hi, Sri Chinmoy. You are running, you are running!”

One minute later another car with two middle-aged men slowly drove by. The driver asked me where a particular street was. I said, “Sorry, I do not know.”

The man said, “Damn you.” So I said, “Thank you.”

RB 58. 15 August 1979