The traffic people35

In North Carolina the “Fifty Oneness-State-Songs” course was very hilly, and it was on a major highway. At one point I had to make a left turn from the right side of the road. If the disciples had told me ahead of time, I would have crossed the highway long before the actual turn. But they did not tell me. They just suddenly said, “Go left!” Chetana and Begabati were supposed to stop the traffic at the turn. But Chetana was only telling me a car was coming. She was not stopping the cars at all. She was only informing me that they were coming. There I lost so much time. I had to come to a total standstill and wait. Then Begabati was standing with her back to the cars and her arms spread, just looking at me. I lost so much time because of these two.

RB 580. 21 July 1982