Running in front of Susan's house3

Three or four important runners have said that in order to increase your stride you have to practise running down a very gradual hill for about 400 metres. We have found a gradual 300-metre hill on Union Turnpike and Baoul has marked the hill with 55-inch stride marks.

I was practising 100-metre intervals there, since Baoul had not yet put the marks for the second and third 100 metres. Baoul said, “Larry and his mother live somewhere near here.” Two minutes later a bus stopped and who came out of the bus? Larry’s mother, Susan! They live on the same side of the street that Baoul had put the stride marks on. She was so happy that I was practising in front of her house, and she stood outside watching me. At one point she was waiting for me to run by, expecting that I would continue. But I was leaving in the car, and we passed by her.

RB 660. 4 November 1982