Seeing the disciples18

In my morning run today I averaged under a nine-minute pace. Of course, when I walked the pace was slower, but I ran more than I walked. I would run 200 or 300 metres and then walk 40 or 50 metres.

I saw at least 20 disciples while I was running. I saw some girls — Nayana, Sunanda, Begabati and Khudita — running past the four-and-a-half-mile mark, and I did not see them come back. They must have run at least ten miles, and they were going quite fast — definitely under an eight-minute pace. Runners like Sunanda and Snigdha never run at an eight-minute pace — always under! An eight-minute pace is only for us mortals.

I saw Savita and Chetana and said, “All right, you can run 40 or so metres behind me.”

RB 675. 7 January 1983