The homeopathic remedy20

Last night during my 20-mile training run, I tried some homeopathic medicine. As soon as I take that medicine, my mind gets clear. Then, in my nose, eyes, ears and down to my neck, I feel a flowing sensation. But below the neck — to my legs, chest, heart, stomach, thighs, knees — the medicine does not reach. Each time I take it, almost instantly I feel that my head has become light. But unfortunately my head is not carrying my whole body. My chest, legs, heart — absolutely nothing below my neck works better when I take that medicine. For me, nothing works.

Perhaps if I had taken this homeopathic remedy at around ten miles, it would have helped me. When I took it at 16 miles, it was too late. It is a cream. At that point a cream will not take away my fatigue quickly.

RB 677. 9 January 1983