An expensive city27

When I went to pay for The New York Times, the funniest thing happened. Somebody had put a New Yorker magazine on top of my New York Times. So for the New York Times the cashier asked me for two dollars. I said, “Oh, in Miami it is so expensive!”

As I was leaving the cashier asked me, “Why are you not taking the New Yorker?”

I said, “I didn’t buy it.”

Then I saw Fred Lebow coming right behind me with a chocolate bar. He was trying to get his money out of his running shorts. I said, “I am paying for him.” It was $1.58 or something. Everything is so expensive in those Holiday Inns. It is better not to buy anything there.

Fred Lebow grabbed my arm and thanked me. Then he said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. You have to come tonight. I have got a videotape of the New York Marathon that I am showing here.”

I said, “Three days ago I saw it in my house. First there were short, short races. Later you were waving your arms in circles. You were so happy and delighted when Salazar and the other big runners were finishing.”

He asked me, “Where did you get it?” I said, “One of my students got it.” He said, “Very few are released, and I have come here to show it.” Then we departed.

RB 684. 24 January 1983