The crazy lady30

There were four or five middle-aged men and women running together. One of the middle-aged ladies, a crazy lady, came from behind me and pushed my elbow. She said, “Sweetheart, don’t walk. You can make it. Run!” Then she and her friends went away.

I continued walking and jogging. When I ran, I ran fast, so at some point I must have passed that lady, although at the time I didn’t know it. After eleven and a half miles, again she saw me walking. She came and stood in front of me. She was very mad at me and said, “Don’t do that! I told you to run!” Her friends were all laughing at her while she was barking at me.

After thirteen and a half miles, I saw the same lady coming in my direction from the other side of the road. She had already made the turn at fourteen or fifteen miles, and she was coming back in the other direction. When she saw me she said, “Honey, I am so glad you are running. Keep running!” Again her friends were laughing, but I could see that she herself was also tired. Although she was telling me to run, she was absolutely dead. When I looked at her face, she looked like she would collapse. God knows how many miles she kept running.

RB 687. 24 January 1983