Singing my songs47

During my solo marathon in Flushing Meadow Park, each hundred metres I would hear a different one of my songs.

At one point Robin was singing, I am a member of the New York Road Runners Club. Fred Lebow’s name was there in the song.

Sometimes the Canadians were singing my songs in French. At one point they were singing O Good Canada’s Oneness-Heart. Then my America songs I heard. One group was singing songs from Transcendence-Perfection. One group only sang Phule phule. It went on and on. Their repertoire was very limited.

Some groups had songbooks and were singing the old songs that we never sing nowadays. O God, some songs I knew were mine, but they were so unfamiliar to me. Some of them were songs I had composed eight or ten years ago for the first group of non-singers, Eternity’s Patience-Pride. I wrote those songs for the absolute beginners. The people singing them as I ran had not even been my disciples at that time. They were singing songs like Milbena bhai milbena. When I heard that song, I couldn’t believe that someone was singing it after so many years.

RB 704. 31 January 1983