Attack by dogs1

Early in the morning, around 5:30, I went out to run four miles. As I was running back, I was in my highest meditation. Right near my house, two huge, ferocious dogs — no exaggeration — came chasing after me from the other side of the street. They were barking and jumping up at me. One was right in front of me and one was on the side. One jumped right up to my chest and one was at my elbow. They were almost touching my chest and elbow — it was a matter not of a foot but of inches. I couldn’t jog, I couldn’t walk. I had to use my occult power — I still have some left — so they wouldn’t bite me.

For four miles I had been meditating, so was it my karma? You might say that perhaps the previous day I had done a bad meditation, but I knew for the past half hour what I had done. The mind was not thinking at all; it had not yet started with Centre problems. I was doing only prayer and meditation, but the hostile forces are all around. Luckily, my prayer-power saves me always. I was praying to the Supreme, “Save me, save me!” and the Supreme did save me.

Then I went onto my porch and was sitting on the couch watching the dogs. For three or four minutes I was on my porch looking at them and they were looking at me. One was brown and one was black and white. The brown one stood right in front of my house.

I called Ashrita, and he came with Thomas, Bipin and Pulin. I told them, “Please try to solve this dog problem!” Ashrita put a hole in his pants and blood on his arm and pretended he had been bitten. Then they went to complain to the lady who allows the dogs to stay behind her house. They also went to the police.

Four months ago I had the same experience. It is not like silly barking. These dogs are really attacking! This has been happening again and again with the same two dogs. They always come chasing after me from behind this lady’s house. The lady says they are not hers, but she and her husband won’t let anyone take the dogs away.

A few months ago I was going down the street and five or six dogs came. What are you going to do? I wanted to enter into the house of the old lady who is my friend. I stood in front of her house, hiding behind a tree. I said, “O God, this is the time for me to knock on her door — at 4:30 in the morning!” I was about to knock on her door, but then the dogs went away.

This time I didn’t get a chance even to stop. If you see them five or ten metres ahead, you can pretend you are walking and maybe they won’t attack. But this time I didn’t have a chance to stop, because the dogs came from behind. The best thing is to have something in your hand. One time I looked for something and found a ball, so I pretended it was a rock.

  1. RB 713. 2 April 1983