How the world exists8

There are bad people, there are good people and there are very good people on earth. I don’t care for pizza at all, but some of my disciples enjoy pizza like anything. A few months ago I said, “Let me please my disciples!” So I went to the pizza parlour and asked for eight pieces. The man asked me to take a whole pie. It would be a matter of ten minutes, he said, for him to get it ready.

Instead of waiting in the hot pizza parlour, I went outside to do some jogging. After thirteen minutes I went back inside.

The man didn’t have it ready yet. He said, “I didn’t trust you. I thought you wouldn’t come back.” So I waited there, and in five minutes he gave me a pie to take home.

Yesterday I was running while some of the girls were working in the Jharna-Kala Store. Since I know my disciples like baklava, I entered into a store that sold it and asked the man if he could cut twenty pieces in half. He said yes and started cutting. He had cut only two pieces when I told him I would be back. Then I ran a mile and a half.

When I returned, the man was surprised to see me. He said, “I am giving this to you for fifty cents less because I am so surprised to see you.” In his case I was late, but he had it ready for me.

He asked me for ten dollars. I said to myself, “Each piece is 40 cents and there were twenty pieces.” Fortunately, a lady standing behind me said to the man, “That should be eight dollars.” The man said, “Oh, yes, yes. Sorry.”

Now we come not to better but to best. Three weeks ago I received an anonymous letter deeply appreciating what I am doing for mankind, along with a bank check for one thousand dollars. It was a check from Citibank, but for some reason it had been mailed from Maine. So there are, indeed, good people on earth. This is how the world exists. Otherwise, the world would collapse.

RB 72. 23 September 1979