The clock1

One night I was in my room reading my walking book. At about 1:45 a.m. I called the San Francisco Centre. Susan and 10 or 12 people were there. Then I saw the time — 2:05. So I rested. Then I heard the clock say, “It is three a.m.” so powerfully. Every hour this clock announces the time. I said, “I am not going running yet. I want to hear it say another hour.”

Again at 4:00 it was so faithful. It said, “It is four a.m.” But I was just sitting there, praying and praying for God-realisation. Then it became 5:00. I started getting ready, doing a few stretching exercises. At exactly 5:30 I phoned up Databir. In ten minutes he found me with his car. He always catches up with me on Union Turnpike.

  1. RB 725. 7 May 1983