Life is most precious1

I never take water from those helping in a race, but life is most precious. Today there were two women giving out water. I was only looking to see where their fingers were — whether they were inside the water or outside on the cup. They were inside the water.

I said to myself, “Which is more precious, my life or a finger?” I decided my life was more precious, so I took the water. Afterwards, Ranjana gave me a Tab. I did not think I would feel thirsty in only 6.2 miles.

When I see children giving out water, I never look at their fingers. Children are God. But with grown-ups, I look at their fingers first before taking the water.

Runners like us, who are dying all the time, need water. But when you are at the back of the pack, you find that there is often no water left.

  1. RB 743. 4 June 1983