Watching the disciples1

In today’s half-marathon, Chandika defeated Lucy, Chetana and Nilima on my behalf. Deliberately I was staying seven metres behind Chandika, saying to myself, “I will defeat all of them.” After two miles I surrendered, but Chandika went ahead and defeated them.

At one point, Sarama was going ahead of me with such devotion and surrender. Great, Sarama!

When I saw Thomas, he gave me such a wonderful smile. Then I found out that it was because he had gone ahead of Pahar. To get a smile from Thomas is no joke! Mahiyan and Thomas were running together. Then, at the last moment, Thomas had to defeat Mahiyan.

As you know, I didn’t have the courage or strength or stamina to finish. From the first mile I wanted to surrender.

At the finish line I was sitting in the car. Sundar came up and told me of his deplorable performance with such sincerity and soulfulness. There was no false modesty — only sincerity and soulfulness. I was so proud of him. How I wish all the disciples, when they don’t do well, would maintain this kind of cheerful and soulful consciousness!

  1. RB 750. 12 June 1983