You were going so fast!1

This morning I phoned up Baoul and told him to meet me along the course going towards Flushing Meadow Park. Usually he comes when I am at the 500 or 600-metre mark. But this time, O God, even after I completed one mile, there was still no sign of him. I said to myself, “That means he is asleep!”

Then I said, “Since he is not here, let me watch the time myself. Let me run a second mile. Then perhaps he will come.”

In my second mile, when I came to 1100 metres, I got inspiration to walk a little. So I walked for ten or fifteen metres. When I finished, I couldn’t believe my time 6:51. Baoul saw me after 1100 metres and told me afterwards, “You were going so fast!”

Then I ran another 300 metres, only blessing Trishul. He is responsible for that course. There were so many branches there and Trishul had done nothing about them. Then, after two or three miles, there were the old marks.

  1. RB 752. 17 June 1983