"Don't stop"14

At four in the afternoon, after running a half-mile, I stopped for two seconds in front of an old man, an invalid who was sitting in a wheelchair in front of his house.

He said to me, “Don’t stop, don’t stop! It is not allowed. Keep going, keep going. Don’t stop, it is not allowed.”

I thanked him, and then I ran a mile and a half. When I was returning, I thought that the old man would still be there and give me the same advice. So about 100 metres before his house, I stopped for a few seconds and thought of him. Immediately I saw a flash and heard him say in the inner world, “That’s perfect.”

When I saw him 100 metres later, I smiled and he said, “That’s perfect.” He didn’t know that I had stopped 100 metres before.

RB 78. 26 September 1979