"No, never!"16

When I was running the day before yesterday, I felt such tiredness in my body. The body was so undivine, not receptive at all. After 200 metres, I stopped for no rhyme or reason. After 400 metres, again I stopped. This time I got mad at myself. “Is it tiredness or is it something else?” I asked.

Inwardly I said a few times, “I am not going to stop, I am not going to stop.” Then I began chanting out loud, at every step, “No, never! No, never! No, never!” In this way I covered one mile. If people had heard me chanting in the street, they would have said: “Insane!” Luckily, no one was around. Then I ran all the way back home, feeling quite happy.

RB 80. 29 September 1979