The hat1

Today, first I walked two miles. Then I covered another eleven miles by running for 1400 metres and walking for the last 200 metres of each mile. I call this combination “running.” Then I walked another half mile — for a total of thirteen and a half miles.

After the 1100-metre mark, near my seven-mile point, my hat was bothering me, so I took it off. Then I saw a beautiful lawn with a fence. I put the hat on one of the bars of the fence very nicely and left it in charge of God. I said, “God will take care of it. If it is His Will, He will keep it here.”

Then I started jogging. After 40 metres I saw a gentleman smiling at me. God knows why he was smiling at me, but I also smiled at him. We were two gentlemen.

I went to the nine-mile mark and then started returning home. When I came to the seven-mile mark, I remembered that I had left my hat on the fence. I was about to look for it when I saw the same gentleman who had smiled at me holding the hat. He gave it to me and said, “I feel you are a nice man.”

I said, “I know you are an excellent man!” Then he started laughing, and we shook hands.

This all happened right in front of his house. When I had left the hat there, at that time he had been 40 metres away. But when I came back, he was standing right in front of his house holding the hat. Can you imagine!

  1. RB 846. 31 May 1985

Sri Chinmoy, Run and become, become and run, part 16.First published by Agni Press in 1985.

This is the 688th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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