Strong bodies and strong minds1

Some 60-year-olds are more energetic than 35 or 45-year-olds. I saw a very fat 75 or 80-year-old man practising the high jump alone. Each time he was about to jump, I got a heart attack. Twice he fell on the mats. Once his right leg crossed the bar but his left leg was under the bar. I thought that a serious accident would take place. But no, each time after he fell, he stood up and gave me a smile. Such adamantine will he had! The height he was jumping was quite negligible, but he was so happy that he could jump at his age.

For 75 and 80-year-olds to do the pole vault, hurdles and hammer throw is really something! They were not carried away by the weight of the hammer. They were strong, strong people, with strong bodies and strong minds. Everything about them was strong!

  1. RB 875. 2 October 1983