A wrong turn1

There were three cars following me while I was walking on Queens Boulevard. Pranika was following me to give me drinks. In another car, Databir was driving Jason, my masseur. Niriha and Chetana were in the third car, videotaping. In spite of the fact that three cars were following me, at one point I got lost.

Chetana told me I had to cross the 59th Street Bridge and then turn right. But on Queens Boulevard there is a small bridge before the 59th Street Bridge. So after I crossed this bridge I thought I had crossed the 59th Street Bridge. I didn’t see any of the three cars following me, so instead of continuing straight, I turned right. Nobody saw that I was going the wrong way. Because of that wrong turn, I started going back towards Jackson Heights. I was totally lost, and there was nobody to give me directions.

  1. RB 884. 23 June 1985