Starting at the back1

I started the 5-kilometre race in Flushing Meadow Park yesterday evening way at the back. I am always afraid that the other runners will stamp on me when they start. I was just five metres behind Lucy. Only one person was behind me — a lame, fat man. I felt sorry for him.

Then, one by one, I started passing people. My first victim was Mitali. Mitali is a rogue! As soon as she saw me passing, she stopped and started tying her shoelaces.

After one mile and 400 metres I saw a man with an artificial leg ahead of me. Can you imagine! What was I doing so far back?

Then I saw that Varayuvati and Prasannata were ahead of me. I felt that they were going so slowly, but I was going even slower! Eventually I passed them. I also passed quite a few others.

  1. RB 897. 13 July 1985