A very cute smile1

The other day at around 4:00 I was coming back from Queens Boulevard. At my one-mile-and-400-metre mark a young man stopped his car and said, “Can you tell me how to get to Roslyn Park?”

Where is Roslyn Park? I smiled at him and said, “I do not know.”

He said, “You have a very cute smile.”

So he forgave me. Sometimes when you can’t give people directions, their mantra is, “Go to hell!”

About three weeks ago I was near Flushing Meadow Park. Always I have problems there. A Puerto Rican man asked me how to get to the Triboro Bridge. When I told him I did not know, he said, “Go to hell!” He also got my smile, but he didn’t appreciate it.

  1. RB 904. 26 July 1985