The soul's reality10

When I was meditating early this morning, at exactly a quarter to three Trishakash’s soul came to me for very special blessings. So I blessed and blessed his soul, pouring utmost divine light into it. I was very pleased with how much his soul received. When his blessing was over, I blessed other souls.

At 3:15 Alo happened to call. After my conversation with Alo, I took some stretching exercises. Then I went downstairs to attempt to lift 200 pounds. Unfortunately, I only pushed the weight up about four inches; so I still have eight more inches to go! Then I lifted some other weights and did various exercises. How many exercises I took upstairs and downstairs!

Shortly before 5:30, I went out for a run. As soon as I came out of my house, I said to myself, “How I wish Trishakash would come down this weekend so I can tell him the juicy story about this morning’s blessing.”

As usual, I began running on the edge of the street because the asphalt is softer than the cement sidewalk. When I reached my 300-metre mark on 150th Street, all of a sudden I saw a car come to a stop very close to me.

A very tall, strong man came out of the car. O God, it was Trishakash! What was he doing there in Queens at that hour of the morning!

Another disciple, a young boy, was in the car. He was astonished to see me at that hour. They had both just arrived from Canada.

Trishakash screamed, “O Guru!”

He was standing on one side of the car, and I was standing on the other. I was shouting at him — as if he were deaf — telling him the story about his soul.

When I was looking at him, I was seeing not his body but his soul; his soul was on his face. His face, his eyes, his ear — everything — was all soul!

So you see, there is something called the soul. You have to believe it! The body is unreal, but the soul is so real. The real thing you do not see or value. But when the real thing is pleased with you, then it is something! And when the real thing is displeased with you, at that time everything in the inner world is dislocated.

So today Trishakash’s soul was very pleased with him.

He told me, “O Guru, today is my birthday.” A few days ago I had known his birthday was coming soon, but this morning, when his soul had come to me, it was not in my mind.

RB 916. 31 January 1986