Morning blessings12

This morning I went out to run at around six o’clock. At that time my disciples were all meditating at home, but I was meditating on the street while running. As usual, my route was along Queens Boulevard. I stopped only once, at the Main Street intersection, and rested a little because my body demanded it. So I surrendered to my body and then started running again.

On the way back, I was in a very high consciousness — in another world. All of a sudden, I saw the soul of one of our newer disciples from the New York Centre. Her soul asked me for special blessings so she could fulfil the inner promises she had made this year. I was very pleased. Immediately I blessed the soul with utmost concern and poured solid determination into the soul.

Then, shortly afterwards, I saw someone on the street who looked like my rabbi, Sanatan. I was on the street and he was on the sidewalk. There was a van and a car in between us, but his vibration I still got.

Around my 400-metre mark on 150th Street, I was dying with exhaustion. Then I saw someone running towards me, but I could not recognise her. When she passed me, immediately I felt the vibration of her soul. Although my eyes could not recognise her, I got a vibration from her soul. It was the same New York disciple whom I had blessed earlier.

So I stopped and screamed at her. She also stopped. I told her, “I just blessed your soul. Go straight and make a left turn to my 900-metre mark. Then stand there and meditate.”

Hundreds of things like this happen every day. I do not tell you people how many times your souls come to me for special blessings, affection and love. But your souls come to me only if you are in a good consciousness. If you are in a bad consciousness, your souls know how to sleep!

If you are sincere, if you are determined, then your souls will definitely come to me again and again for extra blessings, affection, concern and determination to fulfil your promises.

RB 918. 3 March 1986