The great runners15

So many runners came to the inauguration of our Peace Mile in London. Many were former Olympians — some from 1948, some from 1956. There was also a British Olympian who had stood fourth in the 10,000-metre race in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Now he is training for the next Olympics.

I had a very long talk with him. I said, “You will get another chance in Korea.”

He replied, “This time, if I do not get a medal, I will give up.” He had seen a video of me lifting 200 pounds and he was very impressed. He said he used to lift 40 pounds, but it was too much for him.

I said, “You do not need to do it.”

There was also a runner from Iran who holds eight Asian records. He was very humble and very nice. He was appreciating me like anything, and I also was appreciating him. He feels I have special blessings from Allah. He also gives all credit to Allah for his running success.

Then, an ex-Olympian from the 1948 Olympics came over to introduce himself to me. He said, “I am a friend of Dhrubha Hein’s father.” This world of ours is so small! Here I was in London and I met a friend of Dhrubha’s father.

RB 921. 15 March 1986