The lousy runner22

Yesterday I ran our dear friend Cahit Yeter’s races. The one-mile race I managed, but in the five-mile race that came next, I suffered so much.

Cahit had given me the number ‘1’ for my running number. At about a mile and a half into the five-mile race, a little girl was running near me with her father. He said to the child, “Look, number 1 is running with you.”

At the time I was struggling and struggling. The little girl said, “Number 1 is a lousy runner.”

The father said, “Don’t say that!”

Then she went ahead of me. We were competing with each other.

Finally, what happened! I went ahead of her towards the finish of the race.

Cahit gave me the number ‘1,’ so number one got wonderful appreciation from that little girl.

RB 928. 21 April 1986