A quick response26

I was running near the 700-metre mark in our 1,000-mile race when, quite unexpectedly, a new soul came up to me. The soul was quite unfamiliar, but I did my part. I blessed the soul and then I made a nice promise to the soul about a matter on the outer plane.

Then, when I came to the 800 metre mark, one of the runners ran by me. After going three or four metres ahead, he turned around and gave me the broadest smile. His soul was on his face; so when he turned around, it was his soul that smiled. It was the same soul that I had seen and blessed at the 700-metre mark. His name is Siggy Bauer.

In just thirty or forty seconds from the time I blessed his soul, his soul was able to convince his mind, and that was his response.

The first time he took prasad, he told someone that he felt he was in Heaven.

RB 932. 4 May 1986