Kindness or duty?36

This afternoon I went out walking. As I was coming back, I saw an older lady mowing her lawn. The lawn was on a small hill that came down to the sidewalk. She must have accidentally pulled out the electric plug to her lawnmower and let go, because suddenly it started rolling down the hill towards the street. The lady was standing there screaming, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Nowadays I am unable to run at all, but when I saw the lawnmower rolling towards the street, I came running over to grab it. I was afraid it might hit a car and cause an accident.

The lady was holding her hand on her heart. “Oh, thank you, thank you! You are such a nice man,” she said.

But her friend, who was standing next to her on the lawn, said, “Why do you have to thank him? It was his duty!”

RB 942. 23 October 1986