Humanity's promise16

Humanity’s promise to humanity is a life of service. Humanity’s promise to divinity is a life of oneness. Humanity’s promise to God is a life of perfection. But this perfection is preceded and followed by service and oneness. Oneness has to be found in perfection and service has to be found in oneness. So we can safely say that humanity’s promise to God is a life of service, oneness and perfection.

Service is Eternity’s meaningful achievement. Oneness is Infinity’s soulful achievement. Perfection is Immortality’s fruitful achievement. Service is the transformation of the human within us. Oneness is the realisation of the divine within us. Perfection is the satisfaction of the Supreme within us.

God says to the body, “Body, promise Me that you will not always sleep.” The body says to God, “Father, I promise You that I shall listen to You. Now, do accept a promise of my own. My promise to You is that I shall try to be always wakeful, alert and vigilant.”

God says to the vital, “Vital, promise Me that you will no longer be aggressive.” The vital says to God, “Father, I shall abide by Your Command. In addition, I wish to offer You a promise of my own. From now on I shall be divinely dynamic always.”

God says to the mind, “Mind, promise Me that you will no longer cherish your friendship with doubt. Doubt can no longer be your friend.” The mind says to God, “Father, I shall definitely listen to You. I also have a promise of my own, and that promise is that I shall make friends only with faith. I will have faith only as my friend. I shall live with faith and I shall fulfil my existence on earth only in faith, for faith — soulful, fruitful, all-offering, all-embracing faith.”

God says to the heart, “Heart, promise Me that from now on you will not feel insecure under any circumstances.” The heart says to God, “Father, I give You my word of honour that I shall not in any way feel insecure. I shall listen to Your Command. Now, my promise to You is that I shall establish my oneness-existence with each human being in Your entire creation. I shall feel and cherish my oneness with all throughout the length and breadth of the world.”

The divine in us promises; the human in us forgets. Again, the Supreme in us revives all our countless promises and fulfils them. Our promise and our aspiration — the inner cry, the mounting flame — are two intimate friends. Promise says to aspiration: “Friend, I do know what to do. I have to establish a life of divinity here on earth. Then there will be no ignorance, no darkness, no limitations, no bondage. I know that this is what I have to accomplish.” Aspiration says to promise: “Friend, let me tell you how you can do it. You can do it only on the strength of your self-giving. Give what you have, give what you are at every moment. Then only your goal will not remain a far cry. What do you have? A soulful cry. This is what you can give to mankind. And what are you? You are God’s eternal Dream, the Dream that every moment is in the process of blossoming.”

Humanity’s promise is a movement forward, upward and inward. Humanity’s forward movement leads us to the universal Reality and helps us claim the entire creation of God as our very own. Humanity’s upward movement carries us to the transcendental Height and helps us claim the transcendental Reality as our very own. Humanity’s inward movement leads us to God Himself: God the Dream, God the Reality, God the Silence, God the Sound, God the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It is within our aspiration’s abode that God’s Presence looms large.

Our forward movement is for the recognition of the universal Reality. Our upward movement is for the recognition of the transcendental Reality. Our inward movement is for the recognition of the eternally Real in us: God the Supreme.

Humanity has a promise. This promise is self-discovery. Self-discovery comes from self-mastery, and again, self-mastery comes from self-discovery. When we dive deep within we discover our reality-existence, and when we spread our vision-light around us we achieve self-mastery. The most effective way to attain self-mastery is to spread our heart’s light, which is the Vision of the Supreme within us. If we spread our vision-light, then the darkness around us surrenders and becomes transformed.

Humanity itself is a promise: a promise of God to Himself, for each individual is a portion of God’s Reality-Existence and God’s Vision-Existence. Each individual is a representative of God’s ultimate Height on earth. In and through each individual God fulfils something unique in Himself. God’s promise to Himself is His Aspiration, His Realisation, His Revelation and His Manifestation in and through each individual being.

Each individual has already made an inner promise to humanity. Again, humanity also has made an inner promise to each individual. Each individual, when he prays and meditates and enters into his highest transcendental Height, looks around and sees countless beings around him. At that time he feels it is his bounden duty to carry all and sundry — all human beings, all his brothers and sisters — to the highest Height. This is his promise. And humanity, as a collective soul, promises to each individual that it will offer him the universal Light and Delight. Mere height is not all. The vision and reality have to embrace the entire creation. Length and breadth as well as height are equally needed. The individual will carry the collective soul to the height and humanity, the collective soul, will carry the individual to the universal Reality within all of us.

We have to know whether we shall always remain with mere promise or whether we shall go one step ahead. That step is commitment. There is a great difference between promise and commitment. Promise can be a mere word, a meaningless, fruitless and lifeless gift. But when it is commitment, the soul’s commitment to mankind, inside the commitment itself the illumining reality and the fulfilling reality abide.

The promises that we have made to God, to mankind, to ourselves must be transformed into conscious, constant and unconditional commitments. It is inside the heart of commitment that all the promises of the past, present and future can blossom into fulfilling reality. Humanity’s promise to God: “Take me.” God’s promise to humanity: “I am accepting you.”

Each soul offers a solemn promise to mankind when it enters into the earth-arena. Ordinary souls and special souls both make promises. In the case of ordinary souls, because of countless weaknesses and the teeming ignorance all around, it is difficult for them to fulfil their promises. But great souls quite often fulfil their promises because they have an indomitable will. Souls of the superlative degree, who are constantly one with the Will of the Supreme who are absolutely direct representatives of the Supreme, come into the world with the loftiest promise. Now, unlike ordinary souls or even great souls, they deal with the entire humanity. Their promise is most sublime and, at the same time, most difficult to execute. But they are not earth-bound. They are Heaven-free. They live on earth for a few years — thirty, forty, fifty, eighty — and then go back to their heavenly abode.

Three souls of the highest calibre, the highest magnitude the highest order have come into the world. Sri Krishna came into the world to establish the divine code of life: righteousness must reign supreme; wickedness must give way to righteousness and a life of light. But his promise has not yet been fulfilled. There are still wicked people on earth wickedness still looms large and reigns supreme. But he has not given up his promise. In and through you and me and each individual he is trying to conquer humanity’s wickedness and replace it with the divine code of life, which is justice-light all around.

The Buddha came and promised to make the world at large a world without suffering. There will not remain an iota of suffering here on earth, he said. He tried his best, but the world is still suffering like anything. Yet he has not given up his promise. His promise is now being executed in and through us, in and through each individual seeker here on earth. Each seeker wants to free himself and also the entire world from suffering. So the loftiest promise of the Buddha is now being executed in and through each individual seeker on earth.

The third soul of the highest magnitude is the Christ, the Son, the Saviour. His promise to mankind was the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven. We all know what the Kingdom of Heaven will look like. There will be no ignorance, no darkness, no bondage, no limitation, but only boundless light, boundless delight, boundless harmony, boundless peace. All divine qualities in boundless measure will comprise the Kingdom of Heaven. Right now, when we look around we see anything but the Kingdom of Heaven. Does it mean that the Christ has given up his promise to mankind? No, not in the least. His promise is now percolating, his promise is now flowing like a river in and through each individual seeker on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven must come into existence — either today or tomorrow or in the near future or in the distant future. The promise of the Saviour Christ will definitely be fulfilled in the course of human evolution. No God-Promise can remain unfulfilled. The promise that God made to mankind through Sri Krishna, the promise that God made to mankind through the Buddha, the promise that God made to mankind through the Christ, the promises that God is offering to mankind through you, through me, through each individual seeker, will all be fulfilled.

RD 18. Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium