A new teacher: heart18

Here we are all seekers. We are consciously seeking God's Light; but there was a time when we did not seek God's Light, even unconsciously. Now we consciously seek, but yesterday we did not seek at all. We are all students. Previously we also were students; at that time we had a teacher and the name of that teacher was mind. Now we have a new teacher, and the name of that teacher is heart. Our previous teacher asked us to walk along the desire-road. As we were students, we walked along the desire-road in order to get the satisfaction which the teacher promised us. For it is satisfaction that makes life meaningful and fruitful. But to our surprise, the mind could not offer us satisfaction. Each time we took a step ahead, instead of satisfaction it was all frustration; instead of real happiness, it was false, totally false pleasure. We were totally dissatisfied and we changed teachers.

We previously tried to please the mind, so that we could derive happiness from life, but there was no happiness. Now we have a new teacher, the heart. The new teacher tells us that we can and shall get happiness only if we please God in God's own Way. The new teacher tells us we can never achieve happiness unless we become one with happiness itself. Happiness itself is the soul in us.

The mind does not have happiness. If I do not have something, how can I give you that very thing? Because the mind has no happiness, it can't teach us. The heart says, "I cannot give you happiness, but I know someone who has happiness and who is all happiness, and this person is eager to grant you happiness. I shall take you to that particular happiness-reality and you can achieve and receive as much as you want." So the heart takes us to the soul, which is all Light and Delight. The heart says it does not have joy of its own, but only when it becomes inseparably one with the soul does it become really happy.

The heart says, "O human being, O seeker, you have not an iota of happiness. And I have only limited happiness, limited joy. But I know someone who has boundless happiness, and I am more than eager to take you to him. As your teacher, I am telling you, O seeker, walk along with me. I am leading you to the Source. I am guiding you, I am leading you; but it is up to you if you want to find it. Stay in the soul and you will get unlimited joy, happiness and satisfaction. I cannot give you happiness in my own way, but I am being guided by the soul.

"The mind, your previous teacher, wanted to guide you in its own way. But the mind is not aware of the destination, so how can you expect the mind to give you the message of the destination, let alone take you there? I am not the destination, but I have seen the destination, and I will take you there. Like you, I will try to develop capacity, O seeker, and from the destination receive infinite joy and happiness. Our destination is eager to give us constant satisfaction, joy and Delight."

RD 20. Room 550, 30 April 1976.