Question: It is difficult for me to get enough sleep, especially since I have to get up early in the morning to meditate.

Sri Chinmoy: In America, most people go to sleep at midnight or later. Here if you go to Greenwich Village at midnight, it is like midday. In India it is not like that. There, by ten o'clock everybody is in bed. So, in the same way, your Master is the culprit. He keeps you people up until one o'clock and so on. But if you come home at let us say, twelve o'clock, then you can still sleep for six hours. Some people get up at seven o'clock, and seven hours' sleep is, I think, more than enough. Eight hours of sleep is not for spiritual people. You could have taken eight hours of sleep a few years ago, but some of you still sleep ten hours. Perhaps you sleep on my behalf.

You should feel that more than seven hours of sleep, like drugs, wine, smoking and other things, is something really detrimental to your health and to your spiritual progress. If you take it in that way, as something really detrimental to your spiritual consciousness, then you will be able to discipline yourself.