Question: Should we encourage dreams? Is it good to dream about you?

Sri Chinmoy: No. One of the disciples writes to me every week about her dreams. Every night she has two or three dreams about me or the other disciples. There is not a single night that she will not have dreams, silly vital dreams. If you have a dream early in the morning that your father has died, then you shake for four hours. If you see your father, you will start trembling and he will say, "What is wrong with you?" Your dream has become more real than fact. If you have a dream that somebody has passed away, then for hours you suffer. But why should you encourage these kinds of dreams? Cowards die long before their death, and dreams also help people to die before their death.

But inspiring dreams are different. If somebody sees that I am blessing him, naturally that dream is good. At some ashrams, if someone gets just a little smile from the Master, he will be in Heaven for four days. So in the dream also, if you see me smiling at you, it has to last for a few minutes. A dream itself is reality in some other plane, some other world. That particular reality can be formulated either through vital desires or through psychic aspiration. If it is formulated through vital desires, even if they are unconscious, then you have to discard them. If it is formulated through the consciously aspiring heart, you should encourage it and try to have it regularly. They say that if you meditate after four a.m. for about an hour and then go to sleep, you will get sweet dreams. First meditate, and if your meditation is very sound, then you go to sleep.