Question: Does the soul ever linger on earth after death in order to help its near and dear ones?

Sri Chinmoy: Some souls don't waste much time. They just go away. They only wait for a few days to see if their relatives and friends care for them. After three or four days they have experienced enough.

Again, some wise souls stay in spite of being very bright and powerful. They want to see if they can help their friends and relatives before they enter into the mental world. If they can be of some service to their dear ones, they do it. They help them in many ways by inspiring them. Sometimes they come to a friend or relative in a dream with some light, and they give some inspiration. Or they come to them and say, "There is nothing lasting on earth. As I have left the body, so also you will have to leave. My time is expired. Now I can't do anything more for God on earth. So the best thing is to achieve something for God on earth. Don't waste time. Do as much as you can." Before it leaves the body, each soul feels sorry that it has wasted time. We all waste time. The soul can also give people answers either through luck or through inner communication. So there are many ways the soul can help its near and dear ones.