Question: Is it written in a person's palm when he will die?

Sri Chinmoy: From the palm you cannot always tell when someone will die. If it is an accidental death, the palm may not be correct, but the forehead is always correct. It gives an immediate vibration. The forehead will have written on it what will happen to the individual tomorrow, or in two or three days. It will be written on the nose if there is going to be an accidental death.

I once had a friend who was very fond of me. His name was Ravi. One day he was practising javelin at six o'clock in the evening. When I took the javelin from him I saw death forces in him. I thought, "Best thing is to forget about it, or pray to God." I didn't want to know about it. The following day, I was going down some stairs, and he was near the staircase. There I saw the same force and I cursed myself, saying it was all my mental hallucination. An hour and a half later, I heard that he had had an accident. He was riding a motor bike behind a truck with his friend. They were following the truck. The truck lowered its speed, and this fellow thought he also was lowering his speed, but he pressed the handle the wrong way and increased the speed, so he dashed against the truck. The truck driver heard the sound. He came and grabbed both of them and took them to the hospital. They were put in one room. Ravi's mother came to see him, but she was not allowed in because the doctor said that both the cases were serious. I think he lived only for three hours. So an apparition came to me while I was practising javelin and the day he died was the day of our javelin competition. I did not go there; I only went to the funeral. In his case it was destined that he die.