Question: Is there a special evolution for advanced souls?

Sri Chinmoy: A holy man in his next incarnation can become a Yogi, and then he can become a real spiritual Master. In each life he will only increase his capacity. Each time he becomes stronger, so he will dare to challenge and transform ignorance more. First, as a holy man, he is afraid and does not want to challenge ignorance. He feels that he will lose his purity and divinity.Then, when he becomes a spiritual Master, he is not at all afraid; he knows he can dare to accept it because he has the capacity to transform it. Even without touching it, he can throw ignorance into the universal Consciousness and he can transform the nature of humanity. He started as a holy man. There he is strengthened and his power has increased infinitely. Each time it increases, he becomes a greater manifestation, a greater perfection, a greater fulfilment of the Supreme.