Question: Is it possible that this is my last incarnation? I have been through so much suffering that I do not want to come back again.

Sri Chinmoy: You are not the only person on earth who is miserable. There are billions of people on earth who will say that they are miserable if you ask them. But you are going to come back anyway. God is very clever. He wants His Game to continue and continue. Unless He sees that you are playing the Game extremely well, that is to say, until you have realised Him, God will not allow you to retire. Even after you have realised God, He still may not leave you alone. Still you may have to work.

Again, who am I to say that this is your last incarnation? If I say yes, then difficulties will arise; and if I say no, then you will really feel miserable. So I won't say. Only let us offer our prayer to God to remove suffering from this earth.