Question: How can I get rid of bad karma?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on whether it comes from this incarnation or past incarnations. Sometimes a person will say, "In my past incarnation I did many wrong things." But it may be due to circumstance: your husband or son did something wrong in the past. You have to know that the law of karma is very complicated. Many times an individual gets punishment from association, because he is a member of a certain family. You may say that the very fact that he is in that particular family is karma. Otherwise, why did he come into that family? There is a great difference between karma you have accrued and karma caused by others. So, in your case, please tell me, is it your own karma or others' bad karma from which you are suffering?

Question: I think it is my karma.

Sri Chinmoy: Is it from this incarnation or the past?

Question: This incarnation.

Sri Chinmoy: In this incarnation you feel that you have done a few things wrong and now you are suffering. If you have done something wrong, then you know about it and God knows about it. Others also know that you have done something wrong, but they cannot rectify your mistake. Only God can help. If you go deep within, God will tell you that your wrong karma is just an experience and that now that experience is over. You have done something wrong and have suffered. That experience was written in God's Heart, and now it is deleted. The moment you suffered, your bad karma entered into God's cosmic flow.

The voice of silence within you tells you to feel that you did something wrong and that you have offered the experience to God. So now you are in no way responsible. Whenever you do something wrong, act like a child. Whenever a child does something wrong, he runs to his mother. He knows that his mother will protect him. The soul is like a mother. The soul will protect you and give you wisdom. If you know you have done something wrong, immediately run to your Eternal Mother, the soul inside you. Then the law of karma will not affect you, because the soul has more power than the mistakes that you have committed. The soul gets that power from the Supreme. Even if you have suffered and are afraid that your suffering will come back, you will not suffer if you run towards the soul. In this way the law of karma can be nullified.